Drawing upon eight decades of entrepreneurial experience, Al Amir Holdings embodies the varied business interests of the Abillama family. These interests include a range of operating companies founded by the family, along with a range of business partnerships, as well as real estate projects, property holdings and financial investments. Now in the hands of the third generation of the family, Al Amir Holdings combines a diverse business portfolio and a broad range of activities across fourteen different countries.

Al Amir Holdings’ operating businesses are largely focused on providing vital amenities and infrastructure within the property and construction industries, as well as within the automotive sector. In addition to this, we also have wide experience in the local and international real estate business, including development and project management. The remit of Al Amir also extends into financial investments as well as venture capital provision.

As a family company, Al Amir Holdings remains committed to principles of progress and sustainability in all of its business interests, with the aim of improving the quality of people’s everyday lives, including the spaces and places in which they live and work.


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