The Abillama Family Business traces its roots back to the early 1930s, when Joseph M. Abillama founded a coachbuilding business in Lebanon. Carrosserie Abillama proved to be a successful vehicle assembly company, as well as building chassis for industrial vehicles and assembling automotive products for Ford.

The company continued to expand under the management of its founder’s two sons, Samir and Nabil Abillama. The family successfully acquired two complementary businesses in France and created Arabian Metal Industries in Saudi Arabia, a joint venture with E.A. Juffali & Brothers, focused upon manufacturing vehicle superstructures.

In 1984, Samir and Nabil Abillama embarked on a new family venture, marking the first significant expansion beyond the automotive sector. Their Mitsulift & Equipment Company became the exclusive Lebanese agent for the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, responsible for supplying, installing and maintaining elevators and escalators.

During the 1990s, Samir Abillama’s four sons joined the business and today Al Amir Holdings represents the consolidated family enterprises. In recent years, the Abillama family business has continued to grow, expanding into areas including property and automotive services and cybersecurity managed service, as well as real estate and financial investments.